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The Challenge 💪

Texas Highways Magazine wants to design a new mobile app to showcase their travel content

I was contacted by the design team of Texas Highways Magazine to produce a mobile app concept. I worked individually on this project. I conducted my own competitive analysis, research, created user personas, and produced the final app designs (below).

I was given several mockups from the developers to "clean up." I wanted the final design to reflect

Initial Mockups 📐✏️

Through research, I discovered that the couple is looking for experiences not things.” This can include “recharging in nature,” a walking tour, etc; essentially experiencing an event you can’t see anywhere else. (Source:, 2018)

As millennials, they are looking for mobile services that are easy to find, book, are attractive and trusted. The millennial demographic (22 to 31) will comprise 3/4th of the market by 2025. (Source: Think with Google, 2018)

Because this family has no time to waste, reviews matter. 95% of travelers review and research tours and destinations on third-party sites before making a decision. TripAdvisor is one of the most popular go-to’s. In general, 30-50 years olds are seeking out rest and relaxation during their vacations. (Source:, 2018)


I soon discovered that travelers crave a personalized mobile experience. This can be achieved through the use of AI.

Final Designs 🎨

Facebook and YouTube are the frontrunners for media. 66% of travelers watch online travel videos when they’re thinking about taking a trip, and 65% watch when they’re choosing a destination. (Source: Google Travel Analytics)

The Texas Highways app needs an inviting homepage design with simple navigation that is also social media friendly. Furthermore, featured Texas Highways Videos will be a driving factor in our user’s travel decision making.

These travel suggestions are inspired by user-inputted data via the onboarding stage. My priority became gaining the user's trust using existing assets. To do so, I utilized the persona of Texas Highways Magazine's Chet Garner. Chet is a long-time trusted source of travel recommendations across the state of Texas.

Thus, The "Chet Seal of Approval" was born.

I proposed a new mobile app concept built on customizable travel itineraries. 

Final Solution 😎 💯




Learned  🤔 💭

I had never designed a travel app before...

But it was an exciting challenge! I learned so much along the way. Namely, the value of data and artificial intelligence during app usage. I learned personalization is key when it comes to user experience. Users want to feel the app they are using has a 

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